I / Ik

Pieter, a 56-year-old writer, suffers from a personality change caused by the brain damage inflicted by a tumour. His wife Annette must learn to live with her new husband. Filmed before, during and after Pieter’s brain surgery, I shows us how fragile our personality is and how closely it is connected with our physical brains.

Director Jona Honer / Producer Paul Overste / Cinematographer Koen van Bergen / Sound Claas Meier / Sound design Taco Drijfhout, Tom Jansen / Editor Jelle Kuipers / Composer Kristijan Krajncan


Netherlands Film Festival, the Netherlands (25 September - 4 October, 2013)
Won: Tuschinski Award for best Graduation film
DOK.fest München, Germany (7 - 14 May, 2014)
Won: Special Mention Megaherz Filmschool Award
Sheffield Doc/Fest, United Kingdom (7 - 12 June, 2014)
Konstanzer kurz.film.spiele, Germany (25 – 26 October, 2014)
2ANNAS, Latvia (17 – 26 October, 2014)
Won: Best International Short Documentary
Etiuda&Anima, Poland (21 - 27 November, 2014)
Won: Honourable Mention
Docudays UA, Ukraine (20 - 27 March, 2015)

Country: the Netherlands
Length: 26’44”
Completion: 09/2013
Genre: documentary
Screening format: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken language: Dutch
Subtitles: English